Flying Fishies - The Ultimate Pet Toy

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Entertains For Hours: Never feel bad about leaving your pet alone again! The Flying Fishie will captivate your pet's attention with realistic, simulated movements of a flopping fish and entertain them for several hours.

Reduces Anxiety And Improves Well-Being: The Flying Fishie activates mental stimulation by satisfying their natural instincts. It also helps combat boredom and reduces separation anxiety while you're away from home, thus improving their overall happiness and well-being.

Improve Behaviors: The Flying Fishie prevents your pet from acting out in destructive behaviors while they're alone and bored, resulting in less scratches, tears, and breakage of household items while you're away.

Smart And Engaging Interactivity: The Flying Fishie simulates the flipping and flopping movements of a real fish with a safe, interior motor. Its smart, built-in sensor activates the fast flopping movements whenever your fur-baby plays with it and goes completely still when it is left alone to save battery power.

Perfect For Indoors And Outdoors: The Flying Fishie is a portable, lightweight toy your pet can enjoy in the living room or out in the backyard. Its quiet motor sound makes the experience near authentic and takes playtime to a whole new level.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery: The Flying Fishie includes a built-in battery and a USB charging cable for quick and easy recharging on-the-go. One full charge can last for days, keeping your pet actively engaged in play and less engrossed in anxiety.

Durable, Pet-Safe Material: Made with sturdy, bulletproof padding that protects the motor, The Flying Fishie was designed to withstand all kinds of bites, scratches and other destructive behaviors without harming your pet.

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